The Blake Sanie Fund

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Returns from 2003-2020

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Sanie Fund
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Weekly Returns

Distribution of Weekly Returns, Split into .5% Intervals

Sanie Fund
S&P 500

How it Works

An original algorithm screens for assets with strong growth and ranks them according to their potential returns in the near future. Portfolios are intelligently generated on a weekly basis. Funds are allocated to the highest ranking assets, taking risk metrics into account. The algorithm rebalances the portfolio once a week before market open, ready to buy and sell securities on command.

Risk vs. Reward



Annual return, compounding year over year




Amount of risk experienced relative to the S&P 500




Ratio of risk-free returns to excess returns.
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Statistical Significance

μSanie - μS&P 500 = 0

μSanie - μS&P 500 > 0

Two-Sample t-Test for Difference in Means

With an effective p-value of 0.0003, we can be 99.97% confident that the Sanie Strategy outperforms the S&P 500 on a weekly basis. These findings are highly unlikely due to chance.

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