by Blake

Virtual wind tunnel.
For your garage.
By webcam.

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Expand your Indoor Cycling Training Arsenal

On the road, utilizing an optimal cycling body position significantly reduces the defeating effects of wind resistance - a cyclist's worst enemy at speed. Finding and practicing aerodynamic positioning used to mean spending hundreds of hours on the road, or if the budget allows, commissioning your closest wind tunnel - but not anymore.

Aero enables interactive experimentation of your body geometry as you pedal along at home. Finally picture these invisible effects in vivid color. Improve your power efficiency in a way power meters themselves can't analyze. Bring your webcam. That's all.

Academic Design & Cutting-Edge Innovation

Hi, I'm Blake. During graduate school, I studied and further advanced state-of-the-art machine learning methods. Today, this flame continues to burn bright - a passion to quantitatively model real-world use cases and apply computational insight.

As I traverse my endurance triathlon journey, I'm learning to harmoniously compound my complete skill set - swimming, biking, and running, but also machine learning, physics, mathematics, and programming.

Aero blew me back into top research journals, where I brushed up on computer vision-based image segmentation, fluid dynamics, Eulerian simulation, and hardware-accelerated web technologies. Culminating from a thorough academic survey, chaotic whiteboard sessions, curious software experiments, and key development victories, I am thrilled to share this tool with the cycling community.

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